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Building a Best in Class Drug and Alcohol Policy - What HR Needs to Know

The legal complexities of drug and alcohol program management are particularly challenging for HR professionals.  When federal and state law contradict each other, it is necessary for HR to understand the larger perspective of what their organizations want and what their organizations need to have in their drug and alcohol policies, to not only ensure the safety, health, and wellbeing of their workforce but remain legally compliant while creating the right type of culture for engagement.  This session will help HR practitioners, as well as employers, understand all of the things they should consider as they either develop or modify their existing policies and understand the implications of it all in actual practice (not just theory) within their organizations.  

Participants will walk away with a clear understanding of all of the components they need to consider when building a best in class drug and alcohol policy.

This includes up to date information on medical marijuana guidelines in Oklahoma and understand how those factor into drug and alcohol program compliance.  Participants will also gain knowledge on the differences between state and federal testing regulations.

Penny Horton

Penny Horton, founder of Who’s Your HR?, is a self-proclaimed HR fanatic, blogger and thought leader.  

Her fascination with human behavior began at Wichita State University while she was pursuing her undergraduate degree in sociology and ultimately served as the catalyst for her to attain a master’s degree in organization development from Friend’s University.  

Penny has over 20 years of leadership experience, including over 15 years of proven ability, leading human resources and organizational design strategies for corporations with both domestic and international presence.  Additionally she is a Senior Certified Professional through the Society for Human Resources Management and a Certified Designated Employer Representative through the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association.   

Penny has extensive knowledge and experience managing drug and alcohol testing programs.  She served for more than 8 years as a Drug and Alcohol Program manager for a large aerospace company in which she had responsibility for ensuring program compliance with both the DOT/FAA and DOT/FMCSA testing regulations as well as company policy.  During this time she successfully led the organization through multiple FAA Drug Abatement audits and inspections.  She continues to build upon those skills by offering drug and alcohol testing program management, design, consultation and expertise to employers across Oklahoma and the United States through her company.

As the founder of Who’s Your HR?, Penny serves as a management consultant specializing in helping businesses navigate the legal complexities of being an employer as well as optimizing the performance of their workforce.  

She is a subject matter expert in human behavior, motivational theory, employee engagement, organizational capability and employment law.  

As an active member of our community, she supports a number of local businesses and professional organizations, is a community advocate for small business and entrepreneurship and supports local volunteer initiatives. She serves as the Certification Chair for the Tulsa Area Human Resources Association (an official chapter of Society for Human Resources Management), is a graduate of the 32nd class of Leadership Jenks and has been a featured speaker at #DistruptHRTulsa.

Additionally, she has combined her passion for writing, her art of telling it like it is and her desire to demystify HR into a blog that she publishes on her website,, where you will find the raw, unfiltered truth about human resources and the workplace.  

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Date: Fri, April 23, 2021 | 10:00-10:45 am