Intentional Leadership
by Carla Harris

COVID-19 and social unrest aren’t the only drivers for change in leadership. Millennials and Z’ers are quickly becoming the dominant population in the workplace and they demand transparency, inclusivity, and feedback.”  Both…Read more »

Happy Legal Hour
by Evan WayMary SnyderTanya BryantAdam Childers

Sponsored by: Crowe & Dunlevy

When it comes to making tough decisions based on employment laws, have you ever felt confused, lost or plain stressed? Don’t worry—i…Read more »

Driving a Culture of Inclusion
by Libby Sartain, SHRM-SCP, SPHR

A culture of inclusion is one that welcomes and encourages everyone to be themselves and that leads employees to feel like they belong…a part of the organization. That means; actively involving every worker’s ideas, knowledge, perspec…Read more »

Fire Up So You Don't Burn Out
by Jessica Rector

Burnout is like a wildfire—spreading quickly and affecting everything in its path. recently reported burnout having increased by 30% in the last few months, and it’s not slowing down any time soon. With 79% of the workforce…Read more »


3 Secrets to Resiliency, Recovery and Stress Reduction for 2021
by Chris ZervasBrian Brandt

Consistent in today’s world is uncertainty, change and unprecedented circumstances. Change influences all of us differently, yet you can find effective ways to handle instability, be prepared to maximize potential reintegration and create calmn…Read more »

5 Strategies to get More Buy-In from the C-Suite
by Bruce Waller

As a business leader in the HR Community, I often hear HR professionals talk about the frustration and sometimes disappointment around the lack of "buy-in" they receive from top leadership when presenting ideas for change. Many people don't realize t…Read more »

A #NoFilter Culture - Driving Performance through Communication and Honesty
by Liz Brolick

We often recognize there is a problem in the workplace.  We tend to think the problem is an employee or the workload or the market's down and our customers aren't buying right now.  But the ultimate problem is workplace culture. Driving th…Read more »

All in for HR Analytics
by Carrie Cox

We often recognize there is a problem in the workplace.  We tend to think the problem is an employee or the workload or the market's down and our customers aren't buying right now.  But the ultimate problem is workplace culture. Driving th…Read more »

Better Forms I-9: Stronger Enforcement, Faster Compliance
by Sheila Moss

Form I-9 compliance is an imperative business strategy.  In today's worksite enforcement environment, Form I-9 audits are up by at least 600% over previous years.  This form seems so simple, but can lead to insurmountable fines and arrests,…Read more »

Building a Best in Class Drug and Alcohol Policy - What HR Needs to Know
by Penny Horton

The legal complexities of drug and alcohol program management are particularly challenging for HR professionals.  When federal and state law contradict each other, it is necessary for HR to understand the larger perspective of what their organiz…Read more »

COVID-19 and the Evolution of the Workplace at Pandemic’s End
by Michael Bowling

This session will focus on the continuing employment challenges posed by COVID-19 even as employers anticipate the pandemic’s end, including leave and accommodations issues, workplace safety measures, and ongoing workplace impacts, including: …Read more »

Create an Environment for Organizational Success
by Amber VanderburgAlan Vanderburg

Ever wonder why some people are so difficult to work with? Ever since we were in grade school, we have been asking questions like “Can’t we just get along?” and “If we could just work together, this project would be so much ea…Read more »

Creating the Platinum Rule Workplace: Eight Strategies to Disrupt Your Unconscious Bias
by Linda Jenkins

Unconscious biases are attitudes or social stereotypes about groups of people that affect our understanding, actions, and decisions in an unconscious manner. They cause us to have feelings and attitudes about other people based on characteristics e.g…Read more »

DEI or Die: Equity as a Business Imperative
by Kuma Roberts

Attendees will hear about how and why Mosaic transitioned to an equity-focused coalition of companies and nonprofit partners striving to cultivate a more diverse, inclusive and equitable membership, business environment and community as a whole.…Read more »

Developing a Strategic Leadership Process: Executives Leave Too
by Kyle KillingsworthSteve Hernandez

Small and medium business executive are busy running day-to-day operations, pleasing customers and dealing with investors and don’t focus on Strategic Planning, especially Strategic People Planning and Development. They also fail to recognize t…Read more »

Developing Resilience in an Ever-Changing World 
by Dixie AgostinoEmeka Nnaka

Learning Objectives:Businesses have to make money, yet often HR doesn't speak the language of business.  In this session we'll explore how to building recruiting, hiring, on-boarding and performance evaluation systems that deliver the business r…Read more »

Emotional Intelligence for Effective Conflict Management
by Lewana Harris

Participants will walk away with awareness of their personal EQ and conflict mode, and tips and techniques to increase their emotional intelligence to manage conflict effectively. Additionally, by attending this session, they will be able to manage a…Read more »

Evolve: The Transformational Formula to Continued Success
by Brandon Brazeel

In this presentation, Brandon Brazeel shares his formula to help you, your HR team and your organization lay the foundation to continued success.  This formula has made a significant impact on not only his leadership journey, but also in every …Read more »

Gen Z: Strengthening Mental Health through Leadership Training
by Aaron Brown

This session will address factors that contribute to the mental health crisis, specifically anxiety and depression, among Gen Z. Since Gen Z is now in the workforce, employers must grapple with the most anxious and depressed incoming employees in the…Read more »

HOLY COW! How to Create an Amazing Workplace that Steers Passion, Performance and Prosperity
by Tracy Stock, CSP

Under an HR team’s leadership, an organization recruits a diverse workforce that includes a range of ages, ethnicities, religions and differing viewpoints. However, diversity is only half of the D&I equation. Creating a culture where people…Read more »

How to Help Your HR Legal Practices & Policies Evolve with Changing Times
by Madalene Witterholt

Attendees will learn: • How to implement new U.S. Department of Labor changes into policies and procedures • How to make the Unity Bill and OSHA’s position on drug testing work for you • Damage control: policies and procedures…Read more »

How to Survive an Active Shooter
by Kerrie Harlin

This session will address individual and group survival when faced with an active shooter situation. I will teach individuals and organizations how to prepare for these situations in advance and what to do in the case of the unthinkable. The course w…Read more »

HR Evolving with the changing times
by Barabara Abercrombie

HR Evolving with the changing times; lessons for leadership about working women.  This year has been a challenging one for all employees in the workforce today, whether in higher education, the private sector, or non-profits.  Recent report…Read more »

Igniting and Maintaining the Spark: Establishing and Sustaining D&I Councils
by Nate Todd

Burn out and fizz outs are a common pitfall in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE& I) work. This session will explore how to support affinity resource groups/employee resource groups and DE& I councils so that the work is shared amongst a co…Read more »

Leadership: A Lawyer’s Perspective
by Kirk Turner

Kirk Turner, the Leader of the Labor and Employment Practice Group at McAfee & Taft, will present on the topic of LEADERSHIP in the workplace from the perspective of a labor and employment attorney who represents regularly represents employers of…Read more »

LinkedIn Logic: Top 10 LinkedIn Profile "Must-Haves"
by Kari Mirabal

LinkedIn is the number one social media networking site for professionals.  As an HR representative, it is often the first "hello" a potential new hire, client, or partner explores to learn about the company.  If the profile is not complete…Read more »

Modern Communication as an Engagement Driver
by Cheryl Johnson

People-focused organization are driven by connection and connection is powered by communication. From sharing timely, important information to all employees to keeping them aware of day-to-date happenings to keeping teams aligned, empowering the mode…Read more »

Optimize Your HR Tech Investment
by Chris Baldwin

Gallagher surveyed more than 400 employers and uncovered insight into the HR technology experiences of HR leaders, particularly the strategic value they derive from their investments. Join the HR & Benefits Technology Consulting team for an inter…Read more »

Organizational Agility
by Debbie Cowan

We live in a fast-paced world where customers expect speed, adaptability, and innovation.  This is much easier said than done, especially for large organizations, mature organizations, or companies in a mature industry.  Even companies who …Read more »

Powering Your Team Through the Peloton of Change Management Techniques
by Scott Cooksey

Organizations standing the test of time must constantly evolve. Navigating the change management techniques to drive change while maintaining high engagement at all levels requires commitment, coordination, and communication. This program provides pa…Read more »

Resolution Evolution: Ways to Deal with Chronically Difficult Employees
by Randall SnappCaroline Lindemuth

This presentation will provide employers with: • Policies and practices for minimizing and responding to difficult employees and employee situations • Resources and steps employers can implement to resolve employee issues quicker • …Read more »

The Five Conversations Every Leader Must Get Right
by Nancy Gunter

As leaders or managers we all must deal with top performers as well as those we struggle with.  Attendees will walk away with communication tools they can immediately put to use.  Conversations are not only critical to your leadership, but …Read more »

The New Frontier of Business Ethics
by Kevin Dawson

Organizations need to go beyond a culture of compliance and build cultures of “doing the right thing” for its own sake. In practice, this means leaders need to move beyond the idea that ethical business conduct is a matter of good charact…Read more »

The Pay for Performance Conundrum
by Laurie Graves

Pay for Performance systems contribute to significant amounts of unconscious bias, continuing and exacerbating pay inequity and furthering widening the pay gap.  Additionally, they demotivate employees on both ends of the perceived performance s…Read more »

The REAL HR of Small and Mid-Sized Businesses
by Christie Engler

Identifying the challenges HR faces in the small and mid-sized business community, and providing reasonable, economical solutions for those practitioners.  1. Identify the challenges facing HR in small and mid-sized businesses today. 2. Learn …Read more »

Voices Carry: The Power of Allies and Inclusion in the Workplace
by Bernadette Smith

Gen Z expects organizations to be inclusive of the diversity of their generation. But it’s not always easy because of unconscious bias and the micro-aggressions that sometimes creep into everyday conversations. This session will raise awareness…Read more »

Who's Up Next? Bench Planning and Creating Sustainability in Your Organization
by Seth McColley

Provide an audience of HR pros with the business case and practical tips for creating, maintaining and leveraging a bench planning process/tool within their organization. Talk about why bench planning is important, what it looks like when it's done w…Read more »

Work/Life Integration for a  Remote Workforce.
by Michael Dickerson

We will explore the new normal of working from home. Organizations are now starting to understand that in order to have a productive and engaged workforce you have to deal with the whole person. In this workshop you will learn why work/life integrati…Read more »