Looking for a way to market to HR professionals?

OKHR invites your company to be a part of the OKHR 2021 EVOLVE Virtual State Conference Exhibit Hall. The Virtual Exhibit Hall provides opportunities to interactive live with conference attendees, share information and updates about your products and services. Conference platform will include gamification with points and prizes for connecting with exhibitors. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with HR professionals to maximize your company’s exposure. Secure your spot today by emailing eat1@eau1eav1eaw1!

Exhibit Hall - $800

Exhibitor Benefits

  1. Exhibitor profile on event platform/app and conference website
  2. Gallery set up to showcase exhibitor booths 
  3. Exhibitor listing open and available two weeks prior to conference
  4. Ability to display 1-2 minute video in exhibitor profile
  5. Exhibitor name listed on virtual exhibitor page
  6. Virtual prize drawing announced in exhibitor’s profile