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Gen Z: Strengthening Mental Health through Leadership Training

This session will address factors that contribute to the mental health crisis, specifically anxiety and depression, among Gen Z. Since Gen Z is now in the workforce, employers must grapple with the most anxious and depressed incoming employees in the last eighty years. The solution is to use onboarding and training and development strategies to incorporate cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) practices to develop Gen Z into healthier human beings with increased productivity and employee satisfaction. CBT techniques are taught to leaders to use with their employees.  

The mental health crisis with Gen Z is a fact with much research to verify. Thus, employers must assume new employees from this generation are entering the workforce with higher levels of anxiety and depression compared to employees from other generations. It behooves leaders to develop professional development programs utilizing CBT to increase employee satisfaction and productivity.

Aaron Brown

Aaron Brown holds a doctorate of strategic leadership. He completed his dissertation on the topic of Gen Z, mental health, and strategies for organizations to holistically develop Gen Z into professionals. Aaron led teams of Gen Z and millennials during his ten years as a higher education administrator, overseeing departments in hiring, operations, marketing, and finance. He speaks and consults on Gen Z and hosts the Gen Z: Deep Dive podcast. Aaron has also taught in various universities in the areas of business, leadership, and communications. He is a published author in the areas of economics and popular culture. A native Oklahoman, Aaron moved to Colorado Springs to pursue his dream to hike and climb 14-ers. He lives with his little dog, Fenrir.

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Date: Thu, April 22, 2021 | 11:00-11:45 am