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Powering Your Team Through the Peloton of Change Management Techniques

Organizations standing the test of time must constantly evolve. Navigating the change management techniques to drive change while maintaining high engagement at all levels requires commitment, coordination, and communication. This program provides participants illustrative examples, tools, and techniques designed to promote a healthy Change CADENCE to unleash individual potential and maximize team performance while protecting momentum.

1.  Confidently communicate & facilitate progress activities with all involved, from senior leaders to front line leaders;

2.  Maintain a positive, forward-focused culture of trust throughout the change process;

3.  Effectively manage challenging setbacks while preserving an ever-forward momentum of change initiatives;

4.  Deliver bottom-line results while positively impacting partnerships throughout your organization.

Scott Cooksey

For over a decade, Scott Cooksey has worked with global leaders across North America, the Caribbean, Australia and the Middle East to unlock tremendous results through hundreds of workshops, keynote speeches and executive coaching sessions.  

His practice is focused on leadership development and sales enablement and Cooksey’s experience inspires clients to think and act differently in the service, manufacturing, energy/oil & gas, aerospace, electronics, finance and software-as-a-service industries.

From inspirational, high-energy keynotes at conferences and company events to powerful “roll-up-your-sleeves” workshops and breakout sessions, Cooksey works hard with clients to improve their performance cadence and deliver lasting results...faster!

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Date: Thu, April 22, 2021 | 10:00-10:45 am