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Systems Thinking, Accountability, Healthy Disruption—Oh my!

Explore the function and impact of Systems Thinking, Accountability, and Healthy Disruption in developing equitable and inclusive organizational culture. 

Participants will:

1. Explore the role of systems thinking in organizational diversity, equity & inclusion.

2. Learn ways accountability can be embedded throughout an organization & assess how their own organization communicates progress.

3. Understand the value of healthy disruption in a highly functioning and inclusive team, plan ways to foster healthy disruption in their own organization

Marcia Bruno-Todd

Born in Caguas, Puerto Rico, Marcia Bruno-Todd moved to Lawton in her pre-school years. After graduating from Oklahoma State University and receiving her Master of Public Administration from Arkansas State University, Bruno-Todd worked in a variety of capacities with Tulsa Public Schools, Teach for America and OSU. At Leadership Tulsa, her main goals are to connect leaders with impactful service opportunities to better the community. Dubbing herself a “healthy disrupter,” Bruno-Todd believes that “all systems and teams need a healthy disrupter that calls out new ways of thinking and focuses on making implicit assumptions explicit and accessible for the team.”

Ashley Harris Philippsen

Ashley Harris Philippsen is a systems, culture, and equity coach with over a decade of experience in education, leadership development, civic engagement, and school and curriculum design. Ashley uses her experience to partner with students and families, districts, and partner organizations as they navigate system complexities. Through her career, with roles including Executive Director at Met Cares, Managing Director of Teacher Leadership Development at Teach For America, and Founding Dean of Students at YES Prep Public Schools, Ashley has developed skills in small and large team management, effective program design and implementation, strategic thinking and planning. As the Deputy Chief of Community Development and Policy at the City of Tulsa, she was responsible for designing and facilitating community engagement processes for urban planning and development, amongst other City initiatives. As ImpactTulsa’s Senior Director of Community Engagement and Advocacy, Ashley partners with teams to drive policy, systems-change, and programs that create sustainable outcomes for students in the Greater Tulsa area.

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Date: Fri, April 23, 2021 | 11:00-11:45 am