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The New Frontier of Business Ethics

Organizations need to go beyond a culture of compliance and build cultures of “doing the right thing” for its own sake. In practice, this means leaders need to move beyond the idea that ethical business conduct is a matter of good character, or something the compliance department runs. Businesses will not be able to rely on external regulations to determine what “right” looks like Instead, they need to rely on the ethical and moral reasoning of their employees and use that resource to activate business decisions in real time.

Kevin Dawson

Kevin Dawson is the culture crafting expert who helps organizations build successful leaders, teams and workplaces. He is a national keynote speaker, successful podcast host, cast member of upcoming docu-series "4 Days to Save the World" and has developed carefully crafted culture change strategies for mid-sized and large corporations, non-profit associations, and congressional campaigns. Kevin is regularly featured at events providing expert perspective for building great teams.

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Date: Thu, April 22, 2021 | 10:00-10:45 am