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Who's Up Next? Bench Planning and Creating Sustainability in Your Organization

Provide an audience of HR pros with the business case and practical tips for creating, maintaining and leveraging a bench planning process/tool within their organization. Talk about why bench planning is important, what it looks like when it's done well, pitfalls of bench planning,  logistics of bench planning and leveraging an effective bench plan to gain trust, buy-in and support from executive leaders and how its related to business strategy of the organization.

Seth McColley

HR professional with 20+ years of experience working in a variety of industries such as retail, construction, software, distribution, restaurant and hospitality and currently heavy equipment. Seth is currently the VP of Human Resources for Kirby-Smith Machinery, Inc. headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK. He currently resides in Dallas with his wife and two children. Seth is also the creator and host of the podcast, 6 Degrees or Less, which is focused on the art of relationshiping (i.e. networking). 

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Date: Fri, April 23, 2021 | 10:00-10:45 am